Personalized video games

featuring favorite places, friends, pets, books or films of your loved one.

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Customization options

Bring part of your friend's world into a custom made one-off game. Let them meet their beloved heroes, friends, families or pets. Reference their favorite books, movies or games.

Friends and family

Add you, your friend or anyone else


Reconstruct favourite places.


Reunite with animal companion


Say something about important event


Choose the best minigames

Games, books or films

Introduce them to their heroes

About me

Hey there! I'm Peter. It all started when I was thinking about a gift for my girlfriend's birthday. Since I've been working in the gaming industry for some time, I though: "Hey, I could make a game tailored just for her!" And so I did. She absolutely loved it and told her friends about it. Not long after that, I had requests to do the same for her friend's boyfriends, girlfriends and families. Now I'm offering to share the happiness with others.


How it works

  • 1. Check my availability

    Check my availability via this form. I work at a game dev company during the day and might not always have enough time on the evenings and weekends.

  • 2. I'll reply in 48 hours

    I will always reply in 48 hours and let you know if I currently have time to work on your game or not.

  • 3. Fill a form with specifications

    If yes, I will send you a form with questions about your friend and game specifications. See example

  • 4. Skype call

    We will then schedule a Skype call (up to 60 minutes) to review the form and finalize the specifications of the game. I will give you final price calculation within two days after the call.

  • 5. Payment and work

    When I receive the payment via PayPal, I will start working on the game. No more changes to the specifications are possible beyond this point.

  • 6. Delivery

    You’ll receive the game files and instructions on how to start the game via The download link will be active for 7 days. I can re-upload it for you if needed, but I’ll keep the game files only for 60 days after the delivery date.

  • Surprise


Here is what you'll get:

  • An original pixel graphic computer game with 30-60 minutes playtime made just for your loved one
  • Supported platforms: Windows 10, Mac OS, other upon request
  • Delivery time: 4-8 weeks
  • Cost: $200-$350 depending on the difficulty
  • Respect for your privacy. All information you provide won't be misused or shared with third-parties.


"My husband was totally surprised and super excited! Guys envy him so much :)"


"I don't think he knew that something like this was even possible. Most original gift ever."


"Unusual, unforgettable, unexpected. It was an awesome gift."


Check my availability

[email protected]

Please first let me know via email when you need the game to be finished.

I'll confirm if I currently have time to work on it and if yes, we can continue discussing further details.